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Hi, I'm Lauren Bowden. I'm a freelance writer in Atlanta, GA.

Write, edit, publish, repeat.

We know you're only here for the free samples. 

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The Woman Behind the Laptop


Sure, I've written for bone-tired non-profits, hellbent startups, and hipper-than-thou literary magazines, but that's not how I cut my teeth as a writer. 

Before I published a single word, I was the down-to-the-deadline stopgap between a five paragraph pile up and an A plus paper. I turned the dudebro wedding toast into a Comedy Cellar tight five and transformed my coworker's rambling emails into professional passive aggression.

These days I write articles, essays, blog posts, and text messages for my wife when she's driving. It's all the same. Learn your client well, represent the best parts of them, and help them ask for what they want.

I'm a writer, and that's what writers do.

MY Services

I'll type, so you can take a nap.


I'll deliver you from lackluster clickbait with longform, well-researched content. Consider me your content deity. Cash will be accepted in lieu of prayers and lifelong discipleship.


.As a seminary graduate, feminist, former show choir kid and longtime southerner, I have a few hot takes. 


As a seasoned mooch, I'm more than happy to try before I buy and then yell about the experience from the rooftops (well, more like my couch-based office).

Blog Posts

Does your business have the online personality of a pair of khaki cargo shorts? If you're unsure why that would be bad, you are legally required to contact me.

Work Approach

Make it polished. Make it helpful. Make it interesting. 

Lauren Bowden

Designated writer. Obsessive researcher. Terrible cook.


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